Ten Great Guitar Tips

Don’t just read them, but follow them religiously!

  1. Always learn new things – First and the most important tip is to always try to learn new things and update yourself. Come out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself with difficult riffs and solos, new concepts and techniques and so on.
  2. Set new goals and try to achieve them – The next important thing to keep in my mind is to utilize your practice time in the best possible ways. Do not just waste your time on messing around with your guitar. But always try to learn a new riff, solo or even a whole song, part by part on a daily basis, and also make sure you play it flawlessly.
  3. ‘Listening’ is the key – Make sure you listen to the type of music that you love the most. This is one of the greatest motivational forces that will inspire you to practice your guitar more. Listen to various artists in that genre and try to learn their styles.
  4. Be with better players -If possible make friends with guitarists who play better than you and are passionate about guitar who are also good listeners and willing to share the time and space with you.
  5. Showcase your guitar playing skills – You must plan out how you would like to showcase your newly acquired skills on guitar.
  6. Share your guitar knowledge with others – Sharing your knowledge with others is one of the best services that you can do to the society.
  7. Always be positive – A positive attitude is very important for your success. So believe in your talents and abilities be true to yourself.
  8. Develop your own playing style – If you believe that every person in this world is unique, then you too are. Agreed ? So you should try to bring out the same uniqueness to your guitar playing too.
  9. Adopt what really works for you – having a network of guitar playing friends is like having a treasure. You would play more and learn more without your knowledge.

Identify your improvement areas and destroy them – Never be content with your recent achievements, try to conquer various realms of guitar playing, different genres and styles.