Eight Steps to Improve Your Singing Tone

One of the most important skills to acquire from any vocal lesson is how to create good tone when singing. Acquiring this ability includes a few basic steps:

  1. Relaxation when singing is very important.
  2. Breathing is another key factor to getting good tone.
  3. Develop consistent vocal warm-up techniques.
  4. Study your role models. Copy their performances. Imitate their voices. Do this with enough artists and eventually you won’t remember what belongs to whom. Then just go for it without thinking and see what shows up.
  5. Experiment with different types of music, and different performance styles.
  6. Get a job singing! Nothing can replace practice, and getting paid for it! So after you feel comfortable with the techniques described above, put yourself out there. Get used to singing in front of people.
  7. Track your progress. Record yourself singing (you will be surprised at how different you sound at first!).

Learn how to care for your voice. Avoid straining your vocal cords by yelling or screaming. Drink plenty of fluids.