A Sight-Reading Checklist

Before you begin to play a piece at sight, always remember to consider the following:

  1. Look at the time-signature, and decide how you will count the piece.
  2. Look at the key-signature, and find the notes which need raising or lowering.
  3. Notice any accidentals that may occur.
  4.  Notice scale or arpeggio patterns.
  5. Work out leger-line notes if necessary.
  6. Notice dynamic levels and other markings.
  7. Look at the tempo mark and decide what speed to play.
  8. Count one bar before you begin, to establish the speed.

When performing your sight-reading piece, always remember to:

  1. Continue to count throughout the piece.
  2. Keep going at a steady and even tempo.
  3. Ignore mistakes.
  4. Keep ahead- at least to the next note.
  5. Keep your hands in position on the keyboard during rests.
  6. Play musically.