About us

Bahrain Music Institute (BMI) was founded by the Bahraini composer and maestro Dr. Mubarak Najem Al-Najem Ph.D., M.A., B.A., L.R.A.M, A.R.C.M., p.d.m., which he has laid the foundation for providing music education on a sound and scientific basis. BMI objectives are to provide both group and individual tutoring for talented young people, for those who are interested in learning music and those who are keen on honing their skills. With this in mind it is hoped to establish the principles and objectives of music education and, in so doing, participate in the development of music-related activities and of musical awareness in the Kingdom of Bahrain and across the Arab world.

H.E. Mr. Mohammed Al Mutawa officially inaugurated BMI on Saturday, 7th of October 2000

H.E. Mr. Mohammed Al Mutawa officially inaugurated BMI on Saturday, 7th of October 2000

Bahrain Music Institute first opened its doors for business on the 2nd January 2000, but it was on Saturday 7th October of that year, in the company of ambassadors, the media and distinguished guests, His Excellency Mr Mohammed Al-Motawa (Bahrain’s Minister of Information and Cabinet Affairs) came to ‘cut the silk’, unveil the plaque and officially inaugurate the establishment. To great appreciation and much acclaim many of the BMI’s new students – some of whom had no previous musical experience whatsoever – joined together to put on a special and extremely successful concert to mark the occasion and display their newly acquired musical skills. Since its opening, BMI has attracted staff; tutors and students from different nationalities to its doors; and many people have participated in, and benefited from, the workshops and other musical activities that have taken place.


A commemorative gift was presented to H.E.
Mr. Mohammed Al Mutawa by BMI Chairman
Dr. Mubarak Najem

The Ministry has been a major supporter of the Institute since its inception. BMI soon assumed a prestigious position in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arabian Gulf in record time due to the courses and music programs it offers. As BMI was established in accordance with Modern pedagogical methods applied worldwide, it adopted curriculums approved by the British Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

BMI was established as the result of a pioneering step taken by both private sector organizations and the public sector who jointly shoulder their responsibilities, creating an effective partnership for the economic and social development of our country. By teaching our children music we hope that a new generation of music lovers, connoisseurs of fine art and peace lovers with a keen interest in science and knowledge, will be created.

The aim of BMI is to teach Bahraini children, adults and all-comers of any nationality, the correct and professional way to ‘make their own music’. Come and grow with us, connect with other creative young people, and make a joyful sound. We provide all year round music with morning and evening lessons, special events and concerts. We offer high quality music courses in piano, keyboard, violin, cello, guitar, oud, flute, saxophone, clarinet, french horn, trumpet, trombone, jazz drums, vocal and theory classes.

BMI Vision: To be an outstanding music center, providing specialized and innovative services, working towards creating a higher level of awareness in the field of music education.

BMI Mission: We at the Bahrain Music Institute specialize in teaching music for interested Bahrainis, residents and expatriates, within a secure and helpful environment, to enhance the awareness of music in Bahrain.