2000 Activities

Piano Concert 13th February 2000

In co-operation with Ambassador Store there was a piano concert given by the Japanese pianist Ms. Chiho Sunamoto at the Concert Hall of the Bahrain Music Institute.


Lute Workshop 1st May 2000

Given by the Institute’s Iraqi lute teacher, Mr. Motaz Al-Bayati, at the BMI Concert Hall.


Guitar Workshop 5th to 8th June 2000

In association with the Directorate of Culture and Arts, BMI held a guitar workshop given by the British guitarist, Jason Carter.


First Official Students’ Concert 4th October 2000

The first official students’ concert was held at the Bahrain Music Institute’s Concert Hall.


Piano Workshop 5th October 2000

In association with the American Embassy, BMI held a piano workshop given by the American pianist, John Ferguson at the Concert Hall.


Lute Concert 8th October 2000

In association with the Turkish Embassy, BMI held a lute concert given by the Turkish lute player, Ms. Mucella Payasli.


Percussion Concert & Workshop 2nd December 2000


Oud Workshop for all ages and levels (both male & female) 5th to 7th December 2000


Lecture by Moh’d Jamal “Al-Mawal” 9th December 2000

BMI held a lecture, given by Mohammed Al-Mawal at the Concert Hall.


Bahrain Music Institute Students’ Concert 10th & 11th December 2000


Qanoon Concert given by Hussain Asiri 13th December 2000


Flamenco Concert 14th December 2000


Guitar Concert 14th December 2000

In co-operation with Mr. Hassan Frootan, BMI held a guitar concert given by a group of guitar players.


Three day Theory Courses (reading & writing music) 17th to 19th December 2000