BMI provides students with modern facilities in order to stimulate the optimal musical and educational productivity of the students, to create the most convenient and safe environment, and to meet the needs of the educational process required to reach high standards.

BMI provides a large number of suitable classrooms and studios for learning and rehearsing, each class consisting of two students for the piano lessons (each student on a separate piano) and individual classrooms for other instruments.

BMI students and outsiders, that haven’t got a piano, are able to rent a room with piano at a very reasonable fee to practice in a suitable environment.

BMI Provides three types of academic lessons depend on instrument types, availability of lecturers and students. Please, consult Admission.


Standard Lessons

Each lesson is 55 minutes where the students spend half of the time with the teacher teaching them new methods, and the other half to practice alone under the supervision of the teacher.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for the students as they can have one full hour with the teacher.

Children and adults hear lullabies, learn songs and melodies from television shows and computer games. At BMI we start by teaching something familiar. At lower grade levels it could be “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” or “The Alphabet Song” (which happens to be the same melody and you can point that out). At higher levels we teach more serious pieces from classical and modern music. BMI teachers not only teach children and adults to play music, they help them learn to love music as well.

We point out that even if you have a teacher most of your progress will happen when you are practicing on your own. First of all you should get organized by setting goals and setting practice times. You don’t need to practice for long periods, and it doesn’t hurt to skip a day, as long as you don’t skip days too often.


Ensemble Coaching

Team skills are a very important aspect of being successful in life. Playing an instrument requires you to work with others to make music. In band and orchestral settings you must learn how to cooperate with the people around you. Also, in order for a group to make beautiful music, each player and section must learn how to listen to each other and play together.

Playing music by yourself requires you to concentrate on things like pitch, rhythm, tempo, note duration, and quality of sound. Playing music in a group involves even more concentration because you must learn not only to hear yourself, but you must listen to all the other sections and play in harmony with the rest of the group.

While research has proven many benefits to playing a musical instrument, practicing and performing as a group allows students to take their musical experience to a new level. While the students are learning team work, they’re also learning to be competitive.

The fact is performing with so many people who like the same thing really makes the experience fun. Many children and adults have wonderful memories of their time spent in bands where they learned a lot more than just music. Everybody depends upon everyone else to make the music right and to make it good.

Bahrain Music Institute Ensemble consists of oud, guitar, string orchestra , vocal, brass and wind groups. Each group is conducted by one of BMI’s specialist teachers, and the ensembles explore a wide range of repertoire encompassing Arabic masterworks to western standard classical and popular music. The BMI’s ensembles have the opportunity to practice every week and to perform on many occasions during the year.

Please join one or more of BMI ensembles: