Helping Your Child Pratice Music

As a modern parent, making time is the greatest challenge. Beyond this, finding the energy to positively invest in your child during a practice session can be tough. Remember that concepts, physical coordination, and muscular strength development take time. Enjoy their mistakes and laugh them off together! Let them know that making mistakes is the best way to learn how to be better, and that musically it shows them where to practice.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help yourself! If you don’t understand, have the student or their teacher explain it to you. This not only keeps you informed, but also shows your child that it is acceptable to ask questions, a very important part of learning anything. Asking your child for help is a good platform for bonding, but it also helps to empower them as people. Sooner or later they’ll realize you don’t know everything, and it is better to reach that stage before they’re teens and difficult!

One of the great miracles of music is that it can lead to a deeper understanding and relationship between people and art. Capitalize on your musical time with your child to open these doors together.