How to Improve Your Piano Skills

  1. Manage your learning and practice time.
  2. Plan your practice.
  3. Improve your musical notation reading skills.
  4. Improve your finger placement and speed on the piano keys.
  5. Practice the different scales using proper finger placement
  6. Memorize and practice musical scales, especially the most prominent ones.
  7. Memorize and practice chords.
  8. Improve your musical aptitude (commonly called musical ear) by practicing listening to musical pieces and trying to infer their notes.
  9. Improve your musical “mind playing”.
  10. Make sure your posture on the piano is proper.
  11. Improve your left-hand right-hand coordination skills.
  12. Practice on your favorite musical pieces or songs at first.
  13. Practice performing in public.
  14. Make use of modern technology if you’re practicing by yourself.
  15. Learn the fingering techniques.