Knights of Tune “Forsan Al Nagham”

Knights of Tune is a national project supported by the Ministry of Culture.  It aims at discovering musical talent playing various musical instruments and sponsoring them in order to foster and develop their skills. The philosophy by which this talent is discovered is by holding musical contests organized by various bodies, and through recommendations made by the Bahrain Music Institute involving some of its highly talented students. These students receive intensive training and participate in programs customized for them, applying the most recent training methods by their highly qualified mentors. The Directorate of Culture and Arts of the Ministry of Information, in conjunction with the Bahrain Music Institute, supervise this project. It has in record time produced positive results that will have an impact on the music scene in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Knights of Tune Groups

  • Oud Knights
  • Guitar Knights
  • Piano Knights
  • Violin Knights

Project objectives

  1. Discover, refine and nurture national musical talent in a suitable environment.
  2. Develop those talents and represent the country in national and international musical festivals and concerts.

Project Achievements

We are proud that the Kingdom of Bahrain now has a group of professional musicians which were discovered and developed through this project, especially the Oud Knights which have reached a very high level, as well as the Guitar Knights, Piano Knights and Violin Knights. The project students have represented Bahrain in many cultural forums, international events and they have achieved a number of musical awards.

Following some of the students in the project which have continued their higher education in the field of music abroad:

  1. Ahlam Abbas studying music in America
  2. Noor Qassim studying music in Austria
  3. Sabreen Faqihi studying music in America
  4. Nasser Al Nattar graduated in 2010 from the Higher Institute of Music in Kuwait and joined the Bahrain Police Band
  5. Zeyad Khalifa Zaiman studying music in the Higher Institute of Music in Kuwait
  6. Isa Mubarak Najem studying music in America – Boston
  7. Nasser Bu Saad studying music technology in the United Kingdom

It is without doubt that this group will make an effective contribution to the musical life of the country when returning from abroad.


Awards Achieved

National awards obtained by the project students:

  1. First place in the competition St. Christopher’s School, 2002, 2007, 2009, 2010
  2. First place in the competition for budding musicians of the Gulf in 2004, 2009, 2010
  3. All the top three places in the competitions Child for Culture and the Arts from 2002 to 2005 and many of the other school awards
  4. First place for the competition gifted child organization Batelco 2009.

Foreign participation

  1. International Oud Competition – 2009
  2. Al Forsa Program, Sama Dubai TV – 2010
  3. Belford International Music Festival
  4. Asilah Festival – Morocco
  5. UAE Embassy National Day celebration
  6. Japan Embassy National Day celebration
  7. United States of America National Day celebration
  8. Shanghai Expo- China, 2010

Local Concerts & Festivals

  1. 30 concerts at the Bahrain Music Institute.
  2. Bahrain International Festival of Music (13.17)
  3. National Heritage Festival 2006
  4. Arab Children’s Forum 2005
  5. A. Rahman Kanoo Cultural Center (2005-2010)
  6. Bahraini Society for Child Development Festival (2004-2006-2010)
  7. Arts and Culture Child Festival (2003-2004-2005-2006)
  8. (Alliance Francaise) French Cultural Institute  (2007-2009-2010)
  9. Spring of Culture 2010
  10. Festival of the National Charter (SCW 2010)
  11. National Day Festival 2010
  12. Mother & Child Welfare Society 2010