Practical Examination Tips on The Day of The Exam

  1. Arrive in plenty of time, avoid last minute panic, and be calm and positive.
  2. Do not forget your instrument and your original music sheets.
  3. Make sure with the help of your teacher that your instrument is tuned.
  4. A smile will help you relax, get yourself comfortable and settle before you begin.
  5. A Pianist can ask to try the piano first as a warm up, try a scale or a section of the piece first.
  6. Be sure to tell the examiner what you are going to play.
  7. Try to keep going in the exam even if you make a slight mistake – it is not disastrous.
  8. Take a few seconds to scan the sight-reading piece before starting to play.
  9. Speak clearly and confidently when answering questions. The examiner wants you to do well.