Welcome From the (Founder, Chairman)

BMI Chairman

Dr. Mubarak Najem
Founder, Chairman

Dear Parents and Prospective Students,

Welcome to the Bahrain Music Institute! Whether you are an advanced student, an amateur or a parent seeking to expose your child to music for the first time, Bahrain Music Institute has something to offer you. Deciding to join our unique community may be one of the most important decisions you ever make!

BMI holds teaching classes in various grades and in musical specialties under the supervision and management of a highly qualified teaching team, in a unique teaching environment.

The members of this multi-national team each hold high international qualifications and have vast music teaching experience. BMI teachers are doing an incredible job in preparing learning activities that strengthen skills, challenge thinking, and provide practical relevant experience.

BMI employs highly qualified and experienced Arab and foreign tutors to teach its courses. It offers courses and programs of study for all instruments and for students of all ages and levels who want to improve their musical skills. These courses provide a unique educational opportunity to fulfill the requirements of all students, and are also suitable for talented students and adults in a relaxed environment that facilitates learning with ease.

BMI holds four public concerts for its students as well as a number of workshops and seminars for advanced players with the co-operation of some Government bodies, and Arab and foreign Embassies in the Kingdom.

Bahrain Music Institute has attracted a multi-talented, cosmopolitan faculty of skilled professional musicians trained and qualified to teach students of all age groups and levels, from beginner… through to the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) Examinations.

BMI is a great place for students to learn and develop their musical skills. The courses here are designed to challenge students at all levels to improve their skills, explore their talents and help them to become productive members of the community. Students have an opportunity to participate in concerts, competitions, workshops, and ensembles.

I am proud of the fact that our students, after successfully completing our curriculum, have joined colleges and have been able to win prizes in musical competitions.

I invite you to visit us on any given day in our building, you will hear the beautiful sounds of our dedicated and enthusiastic students rehearsing for a concert, joining a visiting professional artist in an impromptu duet during a master class or learning a piece of music for ABRSM examination.

I invite you to explore the many opportunities that education at Bahrain Music Institute will provide, and wish you success in your musical studies.

Again, welcome to BMI and we hope we make our school your favorite place to study music

If you ever have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me on 17721999.

We look forward to seeing you here!


Dr. Mubarak Al Najem,
Ph.D., M.A., B.A., L.R.A.M, A.R.C.M., p.d.m.
Founder & Chairman